My name is Tao Weilundemo and I am a freelance web developer. I have been designing and building web sites for over 14 years and have enjoyed every minute. I take great pride in my work and if you aren't 100% absolutely completely deliriously happy with the work that I do for you, then it's all free.

I follow the design philosophy that the singular goal of a web site is to communicate and that includes much more than simply the words on the page, although they're certainly important. Synergy may be a popular buzz word these days, but in fact everything on the page needs to reinforce the next to make your message as clear and impactful as possible.

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New Project Highlight

Mosaic Highlight

Mosaic, LLC

Designed and built from concept to completion by Stop and Wonder. Includes an incorporated Wordpress blog, dynamic Google Map for directions, and of course it's 100% W3C verified.

About Tao

Tao Weilundemo

I started Stop and Wonder in February of 2007. I had been doing freelance web work off and on since I was 15 and decided it was time to make it official.

My first site when I was 15 was for a major real estate company and I used Paint to make all of the graphics. Luckily I've since renovated their site.

My father is a computer fix-it guy, and while I was growing up I would occasionally... Continue Reading