Web Development Services

The following are the currently offered services of Stop and Wonder Web Development. These services are applicable for all sizes of businesses and organizations although I specialize in small business and non-profit organization web site development. Whether you want a completely new web site built from scratch or simply want to update an old page with any of the following features I will be more than happy to give you a free quote. For a free quote fill out this free quote form with the general site info and I will get back to you within one small business day.

Web & Graphic Design

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The key to good design is directing the viewers' eyes to the most important information and flowing naturally and logically to each consecutive piece of information. A graphic intensive site can distract from the message and cause confusion, while a site lacking any interesting graphics can be boring and lose the viewers' attention altogether. I believe that combining the right colors, images, text, and layout in a consistent theme while keeping the target audience in mind, your site can capture attention and deliver information effectively.

All of my sites are written and designed by hand and verified in the most current web standards, XHTML and CSS. These standards make web sites accessible to a wider audience including search engines, which favor standardized sites. The vast majority of graphic design will be done using Photoshop, in which I am highly proficient.

Content Management Systems

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The combination of PHP and MySQL databases has opened up an amazing amount of possibilities on the web sites for dynamically generated content. This means that a hidden password protected web page can be created to easily control the content on the rest of the site through a series of menus and forms. The possible uses for this technology go beyond simply changing the text on the site. Blogs, calendars, products, pictures, and essentially any content on the site can be managed easily and from virtually anywhere on the planet with internet access.

Good candidates for content management systems are web sites that require frequent updates, although even infrequently updated sites can save time and money if the cost of hiring a web designer to update the site outweighs the initial cost of the CMS. It puts the keys to your web site in your own hands. Pricing for content management systems is difficult because the type of content can drastically effect the amount of programming. I can suggest functionality and options for your particular web site if you fill out the free quote form.

Search Engine Optimization

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Unfortunately, simply creating your web site doesn't mean anyone will see it. In other words, just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come. No matter if your site is a major e-commerce store or a small local organization, if no one can find it, it's not being effective. There are various ways of making your site more search engine friendly and strategies to specifically target your web pages to key words and phrases, certain audiences, and search engines so your web site will come up higher in search results.

This service can be performed on new and old web sites to develop higher search engine results although it can be more effective if the site is designed with this in mind. Because the layout and linkage of the individual web pages in your site will affect your page rank in Google and other search engines there are varying levels of search engine optimization. I will provide access to detailed Google analytics reports on site traffic so you can monitor the progress yourself.


e-commerce shopping cart

Selling goods and services on-line is no longer just a realm for big businesses. E-commerce web sites can easily sell just a few items or services and be designed to expand if necessary. If you plan on only selling a few items, using a company such as PayPal to process the credit cards is the most cost effective way of doing business.

As your business grows having a personalized shopping cart and product catalog that recommends similar products, provides customer feedback, and allows you to see and analyze buying habits can be extremely valuable. A higher volume sales site would likely want to move away from PayPal to other third-party credit card processors as companies such as Verisign simply charges a monthly fee rather than a percentage as PayPal does.

Whichever type of e-commerce your business is ready for the site will be built on a flexible architecture to grow with your business.

Other Programming Services


I am currently proficient in XHTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. I also know enough JavaScript to do most jobs. The combination of these languages opens up many possibilites. With PHP and MySQL your site can effectively save and recall stored information. This makes possible: member/user logins, post boards, searches, membership forms, surveys, feedback, on-line petitions, instant e-mails and other customized web applications. Javascript adds another level of interactivity to the sites which can be used for menus, form validation, dynamically appearing or disappearing form options based on user responses, to name just a few.


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From simple menus and intros to full PHP and MySQL database driven web sites and presentations, Flash can add an impressive animated zing to your site. More and more sites are turning to Flash to bring their pages alive in a way basic text and still images can't.

By combining Flash with advanced scripting and databases, web sites can go beyond repetitive animations and allow users to interact with the site in amazing new ways.

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By filling out this questionnaire I can calculate a free quote for you within 1 business day. The questions are also a good way to begin thinking about the goals of your specific site.

The free quote will be based on your responses and if you hire me I will not exceed the quoted amount. If during the process the site's goals change I will calculate a revised quote to be approved by you before proceeding with any additional work.

Take a few minutes and fill out the form. There is absolutely no obligation.

Cheap Web Hosting

I have been using IPower Web hosting for almost 5 years and am extremely happy with their services. They are very affordable yet offer a very high quality service. One thing that really makes them stand out to me is their technical support. They almost always get back to me within a few hours and there is someone available 24/7 to help me. Late at night this tends only be an on-line chat person but they're still very helpful. I deal with a number of hosting services in my line of work and I know excellent tech support when I see it.


They charge $7.95/month if you sign up for a year or $6.95/month if you sign up for 2 years. As an added bonus they throw in a free domain name which easily saves you another $7-20 per year.

They offer 300 GB of storage space and 3,00 GB of transfer bandwidth which are almost obscenely large amounts. They also use the latest control panel software and their servers have the latest versions of all the major server-side software.